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Make sure the options “Enable Disk Format”, “Quick Format” and “Enable LBA (FAT16X)” are checked and the correct USB drive is selected in the dropdown list above. This formatting process will erase all data on your USB thumbdrive! Save all files you need before formatting it! Then click start, click OK and click YES in the window asking you whether you really want to erase all files. After a few seconds, the stick should be formatted. Now close the PeToUSB window and the remaining console window.

The thumbdrive is formatted in a way that supports booting now, but the boot record is still not correct. In order to fix that, you have to use the other tool you extracted, called bootsect.

Press Start, Run and enter “cmd” (without the quotation marks), then press enter.

Create a bootable USB thumbdrive

First of all, if you haven’t got an external DVD drive, you will need a few tricks to install any Operating System on the Asus Eee PC since it has no CD drive.

But luckily the mainboard is quite cool and supports booting from USB devices, such as an USB thumbdrive. For Windows 7 Build 6956, you need at least 2.3 GB memory, so rather go for a 4 GB stick. Rumors that USB booting supports only 2 GB are not true!!

Plug the USB thumbdrive into another computer and download the following tool package:

Download USB_PREP8, PeToUSB, Bootsect.exe

Extract all the files inside and navigate to the usb_prep8 folder. Inside, double-click the executable batch file called usb_prep8.cmd. You will see a screen like this:

Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009

instalasi windows EE PC

Install Windows 7 on Asus Eee PC 900!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008 @ 2:06 am | Asus Eee PC, Computer, Download, Hacking, Hardware, Windows

This is really awesome: Microsoft Windows 7 Build 6956 is running on the Asus Eee PC 900! I’m not kidding, it’s true! Without DVD drive, it’s kinda difficult, but after doing a few tricks and using a USB thumb drive instead of a DVD, the installation is working.

You can download Windows 7 Beta 1 either from the official� Microsoft Windows 7 download site or via Torrent, which should be 100% legal since the official version has been released for public testing. Download torrent file.